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Truck Accidents » Trucking Regulations » Federal Height and Weight Limits

Federal Height and Weight Limits

Many truck accidents are caused simply because the negligence of trucking companies. When trucking companies do not adhere to the mandatory weight and height limits, serious accidents can happen. The federal government has instituted height and weight limits for the purpose of cutting back on the number of truck accidents. Commercial trucks are the cause of far too many truck accidents per year, so regulations have been made in order to hopefully deter these from happening in great numbers. The height and weight of a truck needs to be regulated because heavier trucks and trucks that are too tall can often cause accidents. A safe height and weight has been determined by both the trucking industry and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is astounding that despite these efforts, there are still as many as 30 percent of all commercial trucks on the road that exceed federal weight limits.

Trucks that are too heavy not only cause serious damage to roads and bridges, they also cause serious damage to innocent victims of passenger vehicles. It is a statistical fact that overweight trucks are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Trucks are already more prone to rollover accidents. This is only made worse by cargo that exceeds the maximum limit. For example, a truck that weighs 120,000 pounds needs approximately 50 percent more stopping space in front of it than a truck that weighs 80,000 pounds. According to regulations, 80,000 pounds is the maximum truck weight allowed. Trucks need to be inspected at weigh stations, but often truck drivers will avoid these periodic stops in order to evade punishment. If you are injured in an accident and an investigation reveals that the truck you collided with was over the federal height or weight limit then you may be entitled to compensation.

Help from Arnold & Itkin

If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck because they were not adhering to trucking regulations then you need to get in touch with a truck accident attorney from our firm. Arnold & Itkin is a firm that has helped hundreds of people just like you recover sizeable sums after they were injured in accidents. Our firm strongly believes that if you were not the cause of your injuries then you should definitely not be the one paying for them. Even if you believe that you were partially at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to a claim. The only way to find out is by speaking with our firm about your particular case. If you are looking for aggressive representation that can help you get compensated, then get in touch with our firm.

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